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I am attorney Benham Sims, President of www.helpexpungeme.com. I have been fighting for expungement reform in Kentucky for years. I learned as a defense attorney, Judge, and prosecutor, that all of us are capable of making a mistake or two. The true test in life is not permitting that mistake to determine our future.

"I know this issue, I studied expungement laws and reform movements in other states. I helped write Kentucky’s new Expungement law and fought for changes to permit the Kentucky workers the right to expunge multiple misdemeanor offenses after 5 years. I wrote sections of House Bill 40 to help secure our business communities’ support by indemnifying employers who hire expunged workers from frivolous lawsuits claiming negligent hiring practices. I advocated for reform that permits certain Class D felony charges to be expunged! I also advocated change in the law so that people who were merely charged and not indicted to have a statutory right to clear their record. I am proud to have been part of a broad based coalition that helped pass sweeping reform of Kentucky’s antiquated expungement laws."
— Benham Sims

I helped draft House Bill 40-Kentucky’s new expungement law. In 2015, I was the only lawyer in Kentucky asked by the Bill’s sponsor to testify before the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee on Expungement reform-House Bill 40. The Bill will help over 100,000 Kentuckians expunge their criminal record

Benham Sims, Judiciary Chairman Darryl Owens and Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, COO of GLI
Testifying Before the House Judiciary Committee Asking for Them to Pass House Bill 40.

If you are looking for an experienced expungement attorney, please give me a call at (502) 589-6190 today. You can also reach me by text or cell at (502) 648-1759.

"It's going to fundamentally change people's lives," said Louisville defense attorney Benham Sims, who has for years fought to allow more expungements. "They will be able to volunteer at their children's schools. They will be able to secure employment knowing the charges will not show up on a background check. ...It's going to make a profound difference not only in their lives but ...in their family's lives as well."
— The Courier-Journal, April 30, 2013

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  1. 1. 61 Class D Felony Offenses are now eligible for expungement 5 years after the offenders successful completion of their sentence. This represents 70% of the Class D Felony population in Kentucky. Click here to see a list of Kentucky felonies that can be expunged.
  2. Permits the expungement of misdemeanors 5 years after the completion of their probation. This includes the ability to expunge multiple misdemeanors.
  3. Permits those who are charged with a crime but not indicted to expunge their record.


In order to secure the passage of House Bill 40, I met with Kentucky’s labor leaders and business leader’s, Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate Leadership, and the Governor’s office to secure support for expungement reform.

Don't Let the Past Determine Your Future

When I graduated from college in the the 1980's, an employer would have to go to the courthouse and examine the court files by hand in order to determine if a job applicant had a criminal record

One national study reveals that over 64 million adults have a charge on their criminal record. That represents almost one in three adult Americans.

Today, because of the internet, employers with a few clicks of a computer mouse can discover an applicant’s criminal history, driving record, even their credit score. Ninety-seven percent (97%) of employers run criminal background checks prior to making a hiring decision. If there is a conviction on your criminal record, one study reveal that over 50% of the employers will not even interview you.

This means even a relatively minor criminal charge can become a life sentence of unemployment or underemployment. As a result, this generation has seen its future crippled because the Internet allows an employer with a few clicks of a mouse to discover an applicant's criminal history, traffic history, even their credit score.

"...I meet with clients daily who can't obtain or keep a job because of a past lapse of judgment... These clients are in tears because they cannot find work or are let go from jobs because employers run background checks on current employees. They are desperate to support themselves, their families and to pay bills, such as college loans. ...Our clients are nurses and medical technicians, factory workers and foremen, graduate students and teachers."
— The Courier-Journal, Featured Guest Editorial, August 28th, 2012

Their record prevents them from securing full time employment or seek promotions at their work. Their record impacts their family because a criminal record background is required in order to volunteer at your church, your daughter's field trip at school, your son's little league team. How many people with a record from years ago want the church's secretary or their daughter's Assistant Principal to have information about an embarrassing event in their youth?

I am criminal defense lawyer Benham Sims, and I have helped hundreds of people expunge their criminal records in Kentucky. I can help you, too. Click here to see a list of Kentucky felonies that can be expunged.

Why Expungement?

A criminal record can impact many areas of your life. Under Kentucky law, if a criminal offense is expunged, you do not have to disclose it on a job application, college application, credit application or any other application.


Unfortunately, many people mistakenly assume that a dismissed charge will not appear on their criminal record. Any charge resulting in either a dismissal or a criminal conviction will remain on your record forever, unless you return to court and file a motion to expunge. Our new law also makes it easier to get rid of indictments and most misdemeanors.


Whether your charges were dismissed, you pleaded guilty or you were found guilty, contact me a highly experienced attorney handling expungements. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (502) 589-6190 during business hours or text (502) 648-1759 after hours — I'm always available.

Efficient, Effective Lawyers

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Benham Sims, Attorney at Law provides sophisticated legal services, capable of competing effectively against any adversary. As a former District Court Judge and prosecutor, he has a strong understanding of the law. He knows what it says and more importantly, how it should be applied. His clients rely this perspective. It’s also why he's worked for years at the state level to impact the laws, including expungements, for the benefit of our Kentucky citizens.

Benham Sims strongly advocated for expungement reform to expand our current law. Benham Sims is also the only Kentucky attorney asked by the House Judiciary Committee to testify and help draft Kentucky’s Expungement Bill.

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