Dismissed Charges Can Still Cause Problems

Did you know that dismissed charges can still show up on your record?  A recent Wave 3 news story showed the criminal record for the man charged in the death of LMPD officer.  The reporter showed an extensive list of charges during the discussion of the man involved in this fatal accident. As a former […]

Expungements on Wave 3 Listens Live

I was glad to have the opportunity to discuss expungements on Wave 3 Listens Live.  Host John Ramsey interviewed attorney Tom Coffey and me about the various issues related to Kentucky’s expungement laws.  We’re both former prosecutors, so we know how the plea agreements are typically crafted. However, sometimes a person’s criminal record prevents him/her from escaping past […]

KY Ban the Box and Expungement

Governor Bevin announced last week the new Ban the Box policy.  The Commonwealth will no longer ask applicants for state employment to reveal their criminal history. This is a seismic shift in policy and reveals the Governor’s commitment to the passage of expungement reform. I met with Governor Bevin at the Louisville Police Foundation Fundraiser six […]

New Expungement Law Pays Off

The Bowling Green Daily News recently published an editorial regarding Kentucky’s new expungement law. The editorial noted, “the law really seems to be paying off and not only getting offenders records expunged but in helping those who are trying to turn things around get a job to support them and their families. The number of […]

Article by a Kentucky Expungement Attorney

The Louisville Bar Association (LBA) recently published my article about Kentucky Expungement Law.  The below article was featured in the September edition on pages 18 &19.  As an expungement attorney, I’m proud of the work I did to support this new law. On July 15, 2016, Kentucky’s New Expungement Law (House Bill 40) took effect. […]

Kentucky’s Expungement Law

http://www.helpexpungeme.com/expungement/why-expungement/ Kentucky Passes Expungement Reform. For the past five years, I have worked to pass expungement reform in Kentucky. I have a passion for this issue. (Benham Sims provided a CLE presentation to other attorneys regarding Kentucky’s new expungement laws. This presentation was at the Louisville Bar Association on May 20, 2016.) This is part of […]

PBS reports-Kentucky’s Expungement Law

Kentucky’s new expungement law made national news again today. PBS reported today on a number of issues involving petitioning the court to clear a criminal record. Many of the same statistics that I testified to before the Kentucky House Judiciary Committee in support of the passage of House Bill 40-Kentucky’s new expungement law, are contained […]

Training Attorneys on Expungement Law

I gave a seminar training Louisville attorneys on expungement law.  The presentation took place on May 20th at the Louisville Bar Association.  The new changes to Kentucky’s expungement law have opened the doors for thousands of Kentuckians to clear their records. My website provides information about the changes.  I discuss how it may impact someone who […]

Kentucky Expungement Law Changes

I am Louisville, Kentucky attorney Benham Sims. For the past 5 years I have devoted a significant portion of my practice to expungement. I have created helpexpungeme.com to help people just like you move on with their lives. My advocacy has not been limited to the courtrooms of our state. I have spent the last […]