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nurse-001In Kentucky, generally, only misdemeanor offenses may be expunged. However, there are certain felony drug offenses that are potentially eligible for expungement. Additionally, some felony pleas and sentencing orders may allow you to expunge a felony after you successfully complete a diversion program or probation.

“What is gained by the county attorney’s new policy?  Prosecutors may argue it serves the public interest.  But consider the negative impact.  How many people are denied or fail to seek better jobs with better benefits which help families?  For these individuals, life becomes a vicious cycle of job rejections and despair so that they never enjoy the fruits of their education or their willingness to work hard.

The crimes we are talking about include cashing a bad check, failing to return a rented TV on time, shoplifting as a part of a high school or college prank, driving under the influence or experimenting with marijuana. The individuals seeking expungement are not habitual criminals; they are us.”

– Benham Sims Op-Ed, The Courier-Journal, April 29, 2012

The best way to find out if a charge can be cleared from your criminal record is to contact my law firm and meet with me in a free consultation.

Charged With A Crime? You May Be Eligible for an Expungement.

It is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney if you are charged with a crime to ensure that the correct language permitting the expungement of the charge is included in any guilty plea and/or sentencing orders of the court.

Contact me, Benham Sims, Attorney at Law, as soon as possible if you are facing criminal charges and know you want to clear/seal a charge on your record in Jefferson County. I am a former judge and prosecutor with a widespread reputation and a successful track record. Put my experience on your side.

I offer the following expungement information for current and potential clients:

  • The expungement process: If you are eligible for expungement in Kentucky, I will guide you efficiently through the process.
  • Expungement of charges—dismissed or found guilty: Whether your charges were dismissed, you pleaded guilty or you were found guilty, contact me for expungement help.
  • Expungement facts: There are many myths and misunderstandings about how to clear a criminal record. I have the facts. Let me help you.
  • New job? If you are applying for a new job and want to make sure your record won’t work against you, contact me.
  • Why expungement? The ways in which a criminal charge can follow you are endless. Let’s work together to prevent the past from determining your future.

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