Expungement Facts

Record Expungement

Expungement Can Remove The Last Road Block To The Job You Have Always Wanted.

I am attorney Benham Sims and I have handled hundreds of expungements as a defense attorney, prosecutor and judge. I meet with clients every week who are under the mistaken impression that if a criminal charge was dismissed, then the charges are removed (expunged) from their record. Remember, criminal charges will stay on your criminal record forever unless you file a motion with the court to expunge your record. If expungement is an option for you, it may remove the last road block to the job you have always wanted.

Dismissed, Pled Guilty Or Found Guilty?

If all the charges were dismissed against you, I can seek to expunge your record 60 days after the dismissal of your charges. If you pled guilty to a misdemeanor and have no other criminal record, I can prepare a motion and order to expunge your misdemeanor record five years after a finding of guilt. Call my office at (502) 498-0000 for a free consultation or contact us online.

Expungement Fees

Misdemeanor expungements cost anywhere between $400-$500 per expungement. In addition, the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) charges a $100 processing fee for expungements of guilty pleas. You will also need to pay a $40 AOC copying charge. The fees for felony expungements, if available, are higher.

Visit my page on the expungement process in Kentucky to learn more, or contact me at (502) 498-0000 or text (502) 648-1759 after hours to discuss your needs in a free initial consultation.