Kentucky Expungement Law Changes

I am Louisville, Kentucky attorney Benham Sims. For the past 5 years I have devoted a significant portion of my practice to expungement. I have created to help people just like you move on with their lives.

My advocacy has not been limited to the courtrooms of our state. I have spent the last three sessions of the Kentucky General Assembly advocating for you. I helped draft Senate Bill 79 and House Bill 40. I know this area of the law because I am the lawyer who advocated for the reform and expansion of expungement laws in Kentucky.

Kentucky Passes Expungement Law Revisions

KY Passes Expungement Law Revisions

I am a former prosecutor and Judge and the only lawyer who was asked to testify before the House Judiciary Committee to pass House Bill 40. I met with local officials to secure support for expungement reform. I met with representatives of Labor and Business in Kentucky to ask for their help. I made the presentation to Greater Louisville, Inc. that resulted in their public endorsement of Expungement reform.

I spent months pouring over expungement statutes in other states so that we in Kentucky could pass meaningful expungement reform. Finally, I met with Democrat and Republican leaders and legislators to secure passage of Kentucky’s new expungement law.

On March 29, 2016 I was present on the floor of the Senate along with House Bill 40 sponsor Darryl Owens as the Kentucky Senate passed sweeping expungement reform for our Commonwealth.

I know this issue because I have lived it. I now want to bring my advocacy to help families just like yours to secure a new or better job, remove the stain from your past, to move forward confidently in your future.