Let’s Get Started


Step One

Please contact me to arrange a free initial consultation.  I also have an Expungement Worksheet that will help me to better understand your situation.  Please review this form.  You can download it or print it.  Please complete as much of this form as possible.  I take time to get to know my clients, so I can be better prepared to petition the court for your expungement.  The more positive information I have about you and what you’ve accomplished (or wish to accomplish), the stronger our case will be.  You can bring this with you to our initial consultation.  If you’d like to send it to me before we meet, my fax number is (502) 736-3188.  You can also email it to me at sims@TheKentuckyLawyer.com.

Step Two

Construction Worker Needs ExpungementAfter we meet, I will request a copy of your criminal record from the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts and a certification of eligibility of expungement from the Kentucky State Police. Both of these documents must be included in any motion to expunge. Upon receipt, I will review your record to determine which, if any, criminal charges are eligible for expungement.

Step Three

My office will contact you after our review, usually within 72 hours of the submission of your contact information and payment of the criminal history fee, to discuss your case and options. Please note that if you are charged with a felony (not involving possession of a controlled substance) you are not eligible for an expungement or voiding of your felony charge.

  1. If you qualify for expungement based on your record, then upon payment of our retainer we will file a Notice-Motion-Order with the court, file the appropriate documents with the clerk’s office and secure a court date to appear on your behalf. In over 95 percent of my expungement cases, the client never has to appear in court. Many times I am able to work with my clients using the Internet, Skype, and conference calls to resolve their cases without a court or office visit.
  2. Some of our clients do not initially qualify for expungement because they have committed a relatively minor offense after they pled guilty to the charge the client wishes to have expunged. Sometimes we are able to work out an alternative resolution to the subsequent charge that will enable our clients to qualify for expungement. If the court and prosecutor agree to set aside the plea, then we will seek a dismissal of the charge disqualifying your case for expungement.

Step Four

If you qualify for an expungement, upon payment of our retainer ($300 to $500 for a misdemeanor expungement), my office will prepare your court documents, file the appropriate forms with the court — including your criminal history — appear on your behalf in court, and mail you a copy of your signed expungement order.

If you are seeking the expungement of a guilty plea or finding of guilt, the state of Kentucky requires that you pay an additional $100 fee to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office to process your expungement.